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Fred Nachbaur's  "Real McTube II"
        This is a build it yourself overdrive, using a 12AX7 tube (valve for our Brittish friends)
        MP3:    Clean Sample    Low Gain Sample Mid Gain (kind of) Sample   Max Gain Sample    (These samples were recorded with a 12AX7 tube installed).

       It's now five years later and I finally got around to putting my McTube II in a metal box so that I can use it!
       I've made a couple of changes.
       1. I'm using a 12AT7 instead of a 12AX7. This lower gain tube, to my ears, produces a smoother overdriven, and less fuzzy tone, which I like at this time.
       2. I added a Baxandall tone stack for more tonal control.


All samples performed by me
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* Backup provided by Vision Music Jam Central Station

** Backup provided by www.harmonicalessons.com

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